The Mid Cape Murders
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The Mid Cape Murders

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Late at night, while strolling among the tombstones of the cemetery near his house, wealthy antiques dealer Melvin Metcalfe is brutally attacked and left for dead.Frightened-this is the third attempt on his life-he enlists the aid of Lena Lombardi, an eccentric cranberry grower with a reputation for snooping, to ferret out the would-be killer before he-or she-strikes again.Bored with semi-retirement, Lena readily accepts Metcalfe's invitation to bring a friend along with her to spend a few weeks as a member of his household in a magnificent old mansion on Cape Cod, and help solve the mystery of who might want him dead.On the Cape Lena has a comfortable room (so what if the house may be haunted?) overlooking the ocean-and the cemetery, where mysterious lights appear at night, and dark figures come and go. Lena decides to investigate¿a decision that could prove fatal to her and her friend.